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This domain was bought in October, 2003 after much struggling with various freeservers. Since 1998-99, I have been operating my personal website and various fansites on freeservers such as and After growing tired of stupid banners and popups, I purchased an account from and eventually purchased my domain. I loved freeservers and remained loyal to their service for many years, but after awhile, I felt restricted and limited. Thus, I moved to dreamhost, which I love and adore now. I highly recommend dreamhost, they have awesome packages and have never run into any serious problems. was named after one of my favorite music group's single: "You Look so Fine" by Garbage from their Version 2.0 album. Not so long after purchasing, I decided to purchase another domain to host my weblog and turn into a collective. I'm not too sure how I came up with, but I've always been in touch with my darker side =).

Both domains are built using Adobe Creative Suite and a powerbook G4.

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