No Sweeter Taste That You Could Find

Welcome to version 4 of Simply Garbage, a small fansite dedicated the talented music group Garbage. New layout featuring Shirley Manson from the Androgyny, Beautiful Garbage music video. Here will you find fanart in terms of wallpapers and livejournal icons as well as audio/video downloads.


7.29.05 Garbage Live on Jay Leno, "Bleed Like Me" MPEG available for download

7.21.05 Request fulfilled, uploaded "Special," Live on Jay Leno.

7.5.05 Added a new affiliate, Doodle from Garbage Collector.

5.13.05 Garbage "Bleed Like Me," Live on David Letterman for download in the media section.

4.29.05 Added the "Why Do You Love Me" music video. Also added new lyrics =] including the new b-sides. Live 2005 performances coming soon!